🍃 Lilypad Project Report: July 03, 2024

🍃 Lilypad Project Report: July 03, 2024

IncentiveNet launch, Lilybit_ Rewards, ETH CC Brussels, and more!

🌏 Overview

Lilypad provides access to the computing infrastructure needed for building and running AI-heavy workloads via a permission-less, distributed computing network. Check out the Lilypad Linktree and FAQs to learn more!

The Lilypad Incentivized Testnet (IncentiveNet) launch represents a significant step forward in our roadmap offering engagement, rewards, and collaboration opportunities. Learn more about the vision for the Lilypad IncentiveNet from Lilypad founder and CEO, Ally Haire!

Resource Providers contributing GPUs to the Lilypad IncentiveNet earn Lilybit_ rewards points that will be rewarded with LP tokens upon mainnet launch.

The Lilypad Leaderboard is currently undergoing maintenance and will release publicly soon! In the meantime, a GPU status page has been launched for node providers. Get help running a node in the Lilypad Discord (i-need-help channel) or check out the troubleshooting section in the Lilypad docs.

To hear more on the IncentiveNet, check out the IncentiveNet livestream recording!

⚒️ Engineering Update

Supporting IncentiveNet

The team has been heads down, ensuring network stability so that node providers can smoothly onboard. A new version of Lilypad was released running a Proof of Work mechanism to calculate a hashrate per Resource Provider. This hashrate is used to confirm that a GPU is online and will earn the RP Lilybit rewards. Currently, Resource Providers can run a single GPU per Node ID (ETH wallet address), however multi-GPU support on a single node is in the works!

Our team is working through issues running the Proof of Work mechanism used to reward Lilybit_ rewards. For GPU providers who joined the network, your points will still be rewarded even if your GPU is not running the PoW. More on this soon, we apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.

Learn more about setting up a Lilypad node in the docs or check out the video guide below.

Metrics and Leaderboard

The GPU Leaderboard is currently under maintenance and will re-release soon! This leaderboard will serve as the central hub for GPU providers (Resource Providers) to view their points earned and ensure their node is connected to the network.

In the meantime, Resource Providers can confirm their node is online and earning points with our GPU Status page.

Below find a sneak peak at the upcoming Lilypad metrics dashboard! This metrics dashboard will be included in the Lilypad Leaderboard upon public re-release!

🖥️ Tokenomics & IncentiveNet (on-boarding GPUs)

Lilybit_ rewards have landed!

The first stage of the IncentiveNet is focused on rewarding Resource Providers for adding GPUs to the network. Our team is committed to making the Lilybit_ rewards system as fair and transparent as possible while ensuring quality standards are met.

Each hour, Resource Providers will be tasked to run the proof as well as randomly many times per day. The output of this job will provide a hashrate for each Resource Provider based on the size of their GPU. RPs will receive a Lilybit_ rewards multiplier of up to 4x for 24 hours of uptime. In the case of RPs having downtime spanning multiple days, earning capacity will be slashed decreasing their reward-earning potential. This is to encourage maximum GPU contribution and uptime.

Over the next few weeks, the IncentiveNet will move into Stage 2, which will be focused on recognizing and rewarding contributions from the community. Keep an eye out for the Lilypad Github contribution guide and learn how to get involved.

🔬 Lilypad Research

Over the past two weeks, we examined the module development flow, exploring architectural possibilities using RunPod, Jupyter, DockerHub, RunPod Images, and Lilypad run. We interacted with Dell to build a V0.1 PRD that is ready for review and related to the Dell/LP AI-factory/collab project. We gained access to Dell nodes, set up Lilypad (LP) nodes on Dell machines, and defined a process for AI module development, testing, and deployment on LP.

We created an AI module development situation report and defined PRD documents for moving forward as a process to structure the collaboration and define product requirements for other stakeholders

⚡ Developer Events & DX Updates

Improving the Lilypad Docs

Over the last week, an influx of Resource Providers and users have hopped on the Lilypad Network. We greatly appreciate feedback from all stakeholders with regard to the developer experience and documentation.

In response to feedback as well as new Lilypad version releases, our DevRel team has been focused on improving the Lilypad documentation. Learn more about hardware requirements, troubleshooting issues, and more in the docs!

Community AMA!

Catch up with folks from Lilypad DevRel and Engineering every Wednesday on the Lilypad AMA. This week's AMA will at hosted today at 12pm EST. Find dates for all Lilypad events on the community calendar!

If you missed the last ‘IncentiveNet Special Editon’ AMA event catch up with the video below:

🌟 Community/Events

ETH CC Brussels

Catch our team at ETH CC in Brussel July/7-13! If you will be in town, reach out to our team on Discord. Here's some of the places our team will be speaking:

  • Serverless- Compute, AI, and Gaming

    • Lilypad CEO, Ally Haire will join a panel on enabling ‘AI functions in Blockchain’

    • July 7th at 2:45pm

  • Filecoin Dev Summit

    • Lilypad CEO, Ally Haire will present ‘The role of open, verifiable systems in AI with Filecoin and Lilypad’

    • July 9th at 3:10pm, Decentralized AI track

  • Newcoin Research Event

    • July/11

Crypto Hipster Podcast

Our CEO Ally, joined the Crypto Hipster Podcast to discuss building an open, serverless compute network that drives positive change for a global society. Dive into the latest in verifiable computing, open infrastructure for AI, and more.

Article in the Crypto Reporter

Following the the Lilypad Network IncentiveNet launch we have gained some exciting mainstream media engagement. Notably IncentiveNet was highlighted by the Crypto Reporter and Korea IT Times! Read more about the vision for Lilypad and the IncentiveNet here.

🔮 What's Next?

The main priorities for Lilypad over the next few weeks revolve around IncentiveNet and improving the developer experience. In addition, our research and tokenomics teams are working diligently towards finalizing details for the Lilypad mainnet token economy.

We will be using lessons learned from IncentiveNet to fine-tune our roadmap towards Lilypad’s mainnet launch and are thrilled to welcome many new community members!!

☎️ Contact Us

💬 Chat to us on Discord and follow along on X/Twitter for the latest news and updates!

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